About the Company

The company DESMO a.s. is a joint-stock company incorporated in the Companies Register in 1991. Steel structures have been produced in the plants of the company DESMO for more than 40 years.

Due to up-to-date technological equipment of the workshops, DESMO is able to meet the requirements for the high quality of the product – of the steel structures. Up-to-date equipment of the workshops and long-term experience in the production increase our production capacity and enable us to fulfil even challenging deadline requirements of a customer as well as compliance with the high quality of the product – of the steel structures.

We own the necessary authorizations for production and assembly of steel structures as regards the standards CSN – EN 1090-2, DIN 18800-7, DIN 4132, ISO 9001, and CSN EN ISO 3834-2.

Production documentation is prepared by our own designing department equipped with up-to-date design programs. Own preparation of the production documentation enables us to shorten the production time of an order to minimum.

In the territory of the Czech Republic and also abroad we provide the services of assembly of steel structures. We have our own assembly group equipped with the necessary mechanization and tools.

Certificates, extracts and attestations of the company