Production of steel structures

Manufacturing and sales of steel structures

We produce and sell steel structures for prefabricated halls and hall systems including jacketing. Our products are used as production, sports, storage halls, as shopping and commercial centres, ice stadiums; they can find further use also as complementary building and technological structures.

Steel structures and prefabricated halls have a lot of advantages, which include for example the speed of assembly of the construction, long useful life of a prefabricated hall, overall economic viability of the construction, easy maintenance, adaptability and combinability of a hall.

It goes without saying that we provide also complementary services such as design and processing of production documentation for steel prefabricated halls, in addition to that we also arrange for assemblies of the produced halls, namely in the whole territory of the Czech Republic. Due to our outstanding technological background we can also offer you other services such as e.g. cutting, drilling, blasting and flame cutting of the material, lease of the crane, plotting and copying of technical documentation.

We are the holders of the necessary authorizations for production of steel structures as regards the standards CSN – EN 1090-2, DIN 18800-7, DIN 4132, ISO 9001, and CSN EN ISO 3834-2.

Equipment for production of steel structures

We mention the parameters of particular devices in a well-arranged table.

Device Maximum element dimensions (h x w x l) mm
NC cutting and drilling centre 800 x   800 x 16 200
Drilling on the NC centre Maximum hole Ø 45 mm
NC flame cutting machine ( propylene + oxygen ) 100 x 3500 x 14 000
Continuous grit-blasting machine 650 x 1 000 x 16 200
Welding automatic machine 1 200 x 500 x 20 000

Production capacity

  • 500 tons per month (according to the structure of orders)