Other services of the company DESMO a.s.

Sales of metallurgical material

We sell metallurgical material from our stock to small-scale consumers and companies. We will inform you about the prices of the metallurgical material on  the basis of a specific inquiry. We can also cut the material according to your needs and, as the case may be, transport it to the place you specify.

Lease of the crane

In case of free capacity of our assembly mechanization we can offer you its lease.

  • Crane AD 28
    CZK 28.00/km
    CZK 165.00/¼ hour

In case of bigger orders it is possible to adjust the negotiated price.

Cutting and drilling of profiled material

We will be pleased to offer you the prices and deadlines for the material cutting  and drilling on our cutting centre according to your specific inquiry. We cut  various types of profiles and tubes. We can drill all standard holes. For more  information please contact us

Cut shapes

We deal with manufacturing of precise cut shapes from metals. We will be  pleased to inform you about our technological possibilities in person, please contact us.

Blasting of the material

For cleaning and preliminary treatment of the surface of steel products we use the technology of blasting. This preliminary surface treatment removes impurities, rust and scales.


 We can offer welding, too.

Plotting and copying of technical documentation


  • On OCE device
  • Size A0 (also elongated one)
  • Scale only 1 : 1
  • Price CZK 2.90 per A4

Plotting of documentation:

  • On OCE device
  • Size A0 (also elongated one)
  • Files of DWG, DXF and PLT types
  • Price CZK 6.00 per A4

Trimming and folding are included in the price, too.

Sales of metallurgical material

Design and workshop documentation

  • ensuring of complete design-constructional documentation of steel structures including jacketing
  • processing of workshop documentation
  • plotting and copying of large-scale documentation


  • CAD workplace with Tekla Structures, HiCAD, AdvanceSteel, ACAD 2008 software
  • Plotting and copying device OCÉ TDS 300